Libra Method

Libra Method is a powerful yet gentle and holistic method for treating pain in the joints, especially in the spine.


When looking at the spine, most people think of it as a series of bones (vertebras). Libra Method sees the spine as a succession of joints that connect the vertebras, one with the other.


Misaligned vertebras may cause pain throughout the body, presenting symptoms as varied as lumbago and sciatica, neck pain and headaches, tinnitus and pain in chest/back/limbs and tingling or numbness in fingers/toes.


The vertebras, and actually all bones in the body, are kept in place by muscles. When a muscle fails to maintain the proper positioning of its attached bone, pain may be felt in the joint and may even radiate along the neighboring nerves or muscles. For example, misaligned cervical vertebras may cause numbness in the fingers! If the bones remain misaligned, their integrity may be compromised.


Just as a muscle can fail to maintain proper positioning of its attached bone, so too can it be used to restore the bone to its correct placement. Libra Method uses the actions of muscles to rectify the placement of the targeted bones. Libra Method then balances the muscles that were involved in the misalignment, and thus relieves the pain.

Libra Method treatment

There are three stages to a Libra Method treatment:

  1. Identifying the sites where the pain originates and realigning displaced bones.

  2. Identifying and balancing the muscles that caused the misalignment.

  3. Analyzing the causes of muscle failure (trauma, poor posture, misuse, or repetitive use), and when needed, teaching the patient how to avoid recurrence of the problem.


Through their knowledge of anatomy, Libraists can check the likely, but often hidden, source of symptoms—usually the vertebras. Gentle touch (palpation) reveals the problem, and monitors progress of the treatment. The treatment consists of customized movements performed by patients, within the limits of their strength and ability, under the constant guiding touch of the Libraist.


Once the bones have been realigned, the Libraist tests the tone of various muscles that might affect the treated joints. Muscles that test weak are strengthened; muscles that test too tight are relaxed.


Under the Libraist’s guidance, patients actively participate in their healing process and come to realize their responsibility towards their own body.


Libra Method was developed by Daniele Gould, N.D., in Israel in the 1980s.


After suffering from debilitating back pain for many years, she realized she was responsible for taking care of her own body. From her experience as a ballet teacher, Dr. Gould gained a deep understanding of the muscles involved in movement. Through trial and error on herself, she discovered the movements that relieved her pain.


On the strength of her personal success, Dr. Gould formulated a system of treatment that she named Libra Method. At the beginning, Libra focused on neck and back problems. It evolved to include most joints in the body, such as the knees, hips, shoulders, and hands.


After years of private practice, her patients encouraged Dr. Gould to teach Libra Method. Since 2003, students in Israel have been taught and certified as Libraists. Some of them have also been certified as Libra instructors.

Benefits and Cautions

Libra Method treats the neck and the upper, middle, and lower back. For pain in the limbs, the treatment might be local at the site of the pain and/or in the spine at the level of the corresponding vertebras.


Associated pain such as headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, and chest/abdominal pain are treated at the site of the relevant vertebras. In addition, because the spine is connected to the internal organs through the nervous system, there may also be unexpected positive effects on their functioning.


Libra Method can be performed on pregnant women, on the elderly, and on children. There are no hazards associated with Libra Method; however, some patients may experience a reaction in the form of temporary muscular pain.


Patients are advised to refrain from using analgesics a few hours before a Libra Method treatment so that the symptoms remain clear. After the treatment, a heating pad should not be used.

About Renee Rothberg

I trained with Daniele Gould, the founder of the Libra Method, and was certified as a Libraist in February 2004. I received certification as a Libra instructor in June 2009 and opened my Libra clinic in August 2009.


In addition to Libra, I have completed studies in Educational Kinesiology: Brain Gym (r), Touch for Health, Vision Circles, and the Seven Dimensions of Intelligence. I have also completed courses in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, aromatherapy, and massage.


I learned about Libra through my personal experiences with back pain. A severe back injury after the birth of one of my children led me to Daniele Gould. Her treatments not only restored my back to its normal functioning state, but they also inspired me to pursue the study of Libra.


I am also a guide of Energy Guidance Complete: Through Energy Guidance Complete, I help people with a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

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